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Penile Injection Therapy

University Compounding Pharmacy stocks 17 sterile formulas for penile injection. These are available for overnight delivery in a discreet package.


All batches of penile injections are compounded in a certified ISO Class 7 Clean Room and tested by an independent analytical laboratory.  

We compound the following formulas in several strengths:

  • Tri-Mix - PGE1 (Alprostadil) + Phentolamine + Papaverine

  • Bi-Mix - Phentolamine + Papaverine

  • Quad-Mix - PGE1 (Alprostadil) + Phentolamine + Papaverine + Atropine

Instructional Videos

Injection Instructions (download)

  • How should I store Tri-mix injection vials?
    Store Tri-mix vials in the refrigerator.
  • Can Tri-mix be stored in the freezer to extend the shelf life?
    We don't recommend storing Tri-mix in the freezer.
  • Do you make other strengths of Tri-mix?
    UCP compounds a wide range of strengths of Tri-mix, Quad-mix, Bi-mix, and PGE1/Phentolamine injection. Call the pharmacy to learn more.
  • What should I do if Tri-mix stops working?
    There are various reasons that Tri-mix may not work as desired. If this happens, feel free to call and speak to one of our pharmacists.
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Other Therapies

The pharmacy dispenses numerous other prescription items, including:


Have questions? Call a pharmacist today at (619) 683-2005 or fill out the form to the right.

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